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Introducing APEPEPOW

Blockchain based off XMR

APEPEPOW is giving economy a more stable meaning, while your funds are kept in secrecy making world goverments PEPE for more analysis tools.


Fairness For Everyone


How it all started

Phase 1


  • APEPEPOW bitcointalk ann
  • APEPEPOW mainnet launch
  • Listing APEPEPOW on exchanges
  • Graphical Wallets
  • Website design and launch
  • 100 organic Discord members
  • Making you PEPE again

  • Phase 2


  • Expand the team
  • Craft and design the whitepaper
  • Form global partnerships with projects
  • Form global partnerships with exchanges
  • Ensure chain security
  • Phase 3

    Meme Growth

  • Increase the number of PEPE's / holders
  • Increase awareness
  • Feature PR articles on prominent media houses
  • Listing on top-1 exchanges
  • Bug bounty

  • Phase 4

    Make you PEPE again.

  • PEPE till world end
  • Organize PEPE programs
  • Continuous PEPE
  • Get more PEPE sponsors
  • Kickoff PEPE program
  • Expand PEPE efforts
  • Expand the team

  • Features

    APEPEPOW Features

    Team Image

    1 minute block time, slower but more reliable than Ethereum.

    Team Image

    Wave goodbye to gas fees. APEPEPOW provides low tax transactions.

    Team Image

    MEMEHASH is a new mining algorithm used by APEPEPOW. We will also introduce NFT's that will be used to mine APEPEPOW. The NFT's will be stupid and funny.

    Team Image

    APEPEPOW is a way safer secured blockchain than Ethereum. It is a fork of the XMR blockchain. It is also a Proof of Work blockchain. This means that it is more secure than Ethereum and provides more privacy. than Bitcoin.

    Questions & Answers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Definitely, APEPEPOW is mineable.
    Getting APEPEPOW provides you financial anonymity. Giving you more PEPE than those PEPE's and DOG's
    Buying APEPEPOW is a way to support the project. It is also a way to get a PEPE again. APEPEPOW is a ready made blockchain to make you PEPE again. Be PEPE again with APEPEPOW.
    Yes, each APEPEPOW is more valuable than the dog.
    Yes, APEPEPOW is a ready made blockchain to make you PEPE again. Be PEPE again with APEPEPOW.

    Making XMR PEPE again